Completed Projects

1. Gained Incorporation Status with State of Illinois

2. Gained 501c3 Not For Profit status

3. Gained Sales Tax Exeption

4. Assisted two other Friends Groups gain 501c3 status

5. Water line to horse barn and mobile camping lot ($13,000 cost)

6. assisted with four Earth day youth projects in the Park.

7. Establishment of four butterfly habitats.

8. Assisted the Brittany Field Trialers in the additions to the Captain Field

9. Trial barn area. This was a $50,000 expansion consisting of toilet facilities, headquarters building, and parking area improvements.This was financed with a bequest from the Jim and Janet Chase Estate

Current Projects

1. Plan and complete a multimedia presence for the Park. Comprised of web page, e-mail, face book, u-tube and brochure. Purpose is to gain more exposure of the Park assets and opportunities to the community

2. Install water hydrant to North campground in Old Pyramid Park to provide water to North campground. Est. $1000

3. Project is funded

4. Construct 40’x40’ all-purpose building in Park---est cost of $46,000

5. Provide 8’x8’ mobile shelters (2) for use during events in the Park ---est. $500 ea

6. Work with IDNR to develop plan for cabins in Park. Friend’s business plan to be followed.

7. Aid Executor of Chase Estate (est. $50,000) in completing the administration of funds for designated projects.

8. Aid director of Earth Day Butter Fly Habitat Project: involves 30 local school students.